The weather is beautiful, but I have breakouts on my back. What do I do?

The beginning of summer can sometimes be challenging because of breakouts caused by over-stimulation of the sebaceous glands or breakouts that happened during the winter months that have now turned into scars.

Now, we are more active, running and exercising outside, having breakouts is not ideal. To combat this problem here are some tips:

Always remember to apply a SPF 30 or higher all over your back. Pick a sunscreen with zinc as the main ingredient because zinc combats inflammation.

Exfoliation is also important, but it can be difficult for you to reach your back. Get a loofah with a long handle and a cleanser that is also a gentle scrub to help cleanse and exfoliate your back more easily.

Make sure you shower right after exercising and try to wear cotton workout gear, instead of synthetic fabrics.

If your breakouts are still not getting better or tend to be inflamed we offer back peels and facials to help clear up acne and scars. We are here to make sure you can fully enjoy the summer!