Rita R.

“A few months before my wedding I went to see Marianne and I’m SO glad I did! I have a bit of a complicated skin that’s dry but also prone to blackheads and occasional acne, and I started having dark spots including melasma on both cheeks. The sessions with Marianne and the products she recommended totally revitalized my skin! By the wedding day my face was feeling and looking amazing! My experience at MZ Skincare has been the best possible – Marianne is very knowledgeable, kind, and cares about the work she does. I couldn’t recommend MZ Skincare more and will continue relying on their services to keep my skin healthy.– ”

Rita R.,

Katherine M.

“Marianne is amazing! I started seeing her 6 months before my wedding, and my skin was glowing on the big day. She is so talented and meticulous, I can’t recommend her enough!”

Katherine M.,

Camilla V.

“Marianne and Alyne made my skin perfect for my wedding day. Thank you so much MZ Care, for helping me to feel confident enough with my skin on a special day of my life. ”

Camilla V.,

Lizz L.

“Marianne and MZ Skin have transformed my skin – from having adult acne which was painful, cystic and embarrassing to a glowing, confident Bride. I’ve been seeing consistent results and progress with my skin care sessions at MZ and could never go back to life before Marianne and her services. Not worrying about my skin on my wedding day was really important to me, as odd as that may seem, because its something I’ve worried about for so much of my life. Covering up my blemishes with concealer multiple times a day, avoiding people at work on days my skin was at its worse. I’m so grateful to Marianne for helping me feel so beautiful on my wedding day, and every day!”

Lizz L.,

Eleni C. Eleni C.

“Marianne worked with me for 6 months before my wedding, creating a customized and affordable skincare plan. She recommended effective products and worked with my budget. My breakouts were under control and I was confident with my skin for the wedding day.”

Eleni C.,

Carolyn K.

“As someone who’s struggled with acne when I was younger, there was no way that I wasn’t going to be sure to involve MZ Skincare in my wedding prep so I could be camera ready for my big day. Thank you so much to everyone there for everything they did to help look and feel confident and beautiful on my big day!”

Carolyn K.,

Jocelyn M.

Marianne has been a LIFESAVER for my skin.  As someone who has struggled with acne since age 14, I really did not expect that there was much else that I could do to improve my skin. I first went to Marianne only 3 months prior to my wedding. She is so amazingly meticulous and customized all of my sessions to fit the specific needs of my skin type. Instead of treating my breakouts aggressively, she takes a gentle approach and really works to balance my overall complexion. After making a few tweaks to my diet and completing a few sessions with Marianne, my jawline acne has been completely eradicated, my skin is significantly less oily, and the tone of my skin has improved dramatically. After having negative experiences with skincare treatments in the past, I did not imagine that I would ever trust anyone with my skin. Marianne has truly transformed my complexion, and I look forward to working with her for years to come!”

Jocelyn M.,

“Marianne is a miracle-worker. I started seeing her only two months before my wedding after having tried everything else to no avail. She helped me get my skin under control and I didn’t have a single break out on my wedding day! I received so many compliments and my skin looks perfect in all the photos. Marianne truly cares about her clients and is dedicated to finding a solution that works for you. Worth every penny!”

Elizabeth V.,

Monica V.

“MZ Skincare is the best! I have been getting my facials with Marianne for about 3 years now and I love it. Marianne helped me improve my skin and get ready for my wedding day! Everyone at MZskin care has been very friendly and very helpful, always willing to answer questions. It’s alway great to chat with Marianne, and I always learn something new when I see her. Her facials are amazing and I love that she uses organic products.

When I set a date for my big day, I wanted to be sure my skin was really to be married to the love of my life. I initially had some blemishes, but Marianne continued to help me manage my skin and they improved very well. She was very helpful with organizing times to come in before the big day. She did a great job with my skin and I will definitely continue to visit Marianne.

I get lots of compliments on how great my skin looks and how young I look (sometimes 10 years younger than I am!) I guess that’s a compliment to Marianne too!”

Monica V.,

Sally W.

“Thank you again for giving my skin a glow! I love the ultrasound facial…It feels amazing.”

Sally W.,

Stephanie D.

ShutterEyes Photography

“I discovered MZ Skincare while reading Allure Magazine. There was a feature about the talented Rosa and the wonderful organic facials that were offered there! This was interesting for me, as I had been struggling with sensitive skin for quite some time. I had been looking for ways to have a beautiful complexion without using the harsh products you see in stores. After visiting several dermatologists and being prescribed antibiotics, creams and gels (which actually made my skin more irritated) I gave the simply organic facial a shot. Rosa uses only the most natural and gentle products with me, and I am beyond impressed with how my skin looks and feels after one of her sessions. She is clearly an expert in her field (as well as one of the nicest people on the planet!) and has provided me with the most amazing facials and knowledge about skin care. My skin is always calm after (redness gone!) and completely even toned and glowing! I would absolutely recommend going to MZ Skincare (especially to get your skin ready for a wedding) because they use the highest quality products and you leave looking and feeling your best!”

Stephanie D.,

Molly M.

“I started my bridal package at MZ Skincare in February 2016 in preparation for my September 24th 2016 wedding. I write this review with such gratitude towards EVERYONE at MZ for helping me have a glowing radiant complexion for my wedding day. I did not have a single breakout and I felt so beautiful. My make up artist was so impressed with the overall condition of my skin. The Big Day aside, I am so thankful to have found MZ. I have seen Rosa, Josh and Marianne over this last year, and all three of them are so skilled and incredibly talented. They are knowledgeable and professional and each bring something unique to their individual practice. I have continued my sessions past my wedding day because I have truly found a place that is not only therapeutic for the face, but for the mind and soul as well. This place is so very deserving of the positive reviews, business and continued success. Thank you Rosa, Josh and Marianne!”

Molly M.,

Elizabeth L.


Elizabeth L.


“I cannot recommend MZ Skin highly enough. I’ve been struggling with acne since 13, and I’m now 26 with adult acne that has brought me to tears from how painful and embarrassing it is.

After my first 6 weeks seeing Marianne , only 1 full treatment so far – I’ve never seen my skin more clear in the last THIRTEEN YEARS. I’m so happy I found MZ.

I’ve tried DIY, dermatologists, even ACCUTANE and literally nothing has given me the relief from acne in 13 years as 6 weeks has with Marianne. If you are struggling with any skin issues, come to MZ and you won’t regret it. They approach their business with such compassion and precision.

I’ll keep my reviews updated as i continue to see Marianne!”

Elizabeth L.,

Melissa H.

“When I was planning my wedding for this summer, I knew that beautiful skin was something important to me to have. I have been seeing Marianne for years to take care of some acne and keep my skin looking great without piling on foundation. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to help me look my best for my wedding day. Marianne is able to assess my skin care needs and give the best facials with all organic and natural products. I always leave her salon glowing. She never pushes products or services I don’t need and gives wonderful tips on how to keep my skin looking radiant between sessions with her. I can’t express how stress relieving it was to be able to cross skin care off my list of things to worry about leading up to my big day! I couldn’t recommend MZ Skin Care enough!”

Melissa H.,

Natalie R.

“My skin has always been prone to random breakouts, so in anticipation of my upcoming wedding day while I was researching skin care studios on Yelp, I found MZ Skincare. After my first facial with Josh, I was certain that there was nothing better I could do to care for my skin in the months leading up to my wedding. Not only was the experience of the facial itself incredibly relaxing, but Josh made me feel comfortable through easy conversation and clear, thorough explanations of the benefits of each step of his process. Even my at-home skincare regime improved because Josh took the time to walk me through how I should be taking care of my skin between facials. I was able to breathe easy knowing that my skin would be clear and healthy on my wedding day – which it was! Signing up for the bridal package at MZ Skincare was one of the best investments I made during the wedding planning process, and I highly recommend it to any bride.”

Natalie R.,

Emily C.

Photography by KLC

“I have been coming to MZ Skincare for years as a loyal customer so it of course made sense for me to do the bridal skin program that Marianne offers. My skin has never looked better! I actually got complimented on it. As I get older, I am finding it more and more important to carve out time in my hectic schedule to go see Marianne because I know my skin has benefited from this and will continue to under her care. It just feels and looks healthier. The bridal program offered me a chance to really commit to going every few weeks and my skin has never looked or felt better or healthier. Just goes to show that if you can commit to regular visits (6-8 weeks) then you will be better off for it!

After many moves throughout the Boston area, I am now the furthest away from Marianne that I’ve ever been, and I still make time to go, they are that good.”

Emily C.,

B. Hudson

“Taking control of your skin is not an easy task for many…including myself. For years I suffered from acne and tried everything possible to remedy it on my own. I even tried those expensive spa facials but would leave with red, irritated skin and not feeling any better about reaching my goal. What was my goal? A goal many people with acne prone skin tend to have. I wanted to be able to walk out of the house without any to very little makeup and feel that I could face the world. My usual routine would consist of layers of foundations, powders, and concealers just to try to cover up the acne scars and breakouts. Natural light was my enemy because it revealed the truth; what was under all of that makeup. As cliché as all of this may sound it is completely true. To this day I can remember all the times I would tear up as I looked at myself in the rear view mirror of the car and thought “Will this ever go away? Who is going to want to wake up to this face everyday?”.

Well I proved myself wrong and did find the person who wanted to wake up next to me regardless that my skin looked like a teenager going through puberty; I was in my 30’s. When we got engaged I couldn’t have been more excited. I was going to be a bride, all eyes were going to be on me (that’s what everyone said!), it was going to be one of the most special and important days of my life. One of my first thoughts, honestly, was about my skin! I needed to have clear skin and the confidence that went with it by the time the big day rolled around.

I couldn’t be more thankful to Marianne and her team. We worked together, we set goals, discussed my skin condition regularly and helped me relax through the wedding planning process. Marianne doesn’t make me feel or treat me like just another appointment, how those expensive spas did, but rather a friend. She took it upon herself to make my goals hers as well.

We reached our goal together and I could not have done it without her! In June, on the beach with the sun beaming on my face, I walked down that aisle with my head held high, looking at my family and friends right in the eyes with the biggest smile on my face. Not once did the thought of them looking at my skin cross my mind like it had in the past. There was no blemish or breakout that I was trying to cover up or that natural light would reveal. My wedding day was that much better because my skin was not an issue.

I proudly and courageously say that I leave the house without makeup more often than I do with makeup. Clear skin is a journey for people like me. There is no way that I could have made it through this journey alone and so thankful to have found MZ Skin Care when I did.

Thank you for everything you have done, I’m forever grateful!

B. Hudson,

Melissa A.

“Marianne is an absolute gem – incredibly talented and an all around wonderful person! I have always had problematic, sensitive skin and have been going to MZ Skincare for seven years. Marianne’s facials drastically changed my skin health, and I always look forward to my appointments.

Her bridal program absolutely took my skin to the next level! Wedding planning can be stressful enough, and Marianne ensured that I did not have to worry about my face on the big day. At every appointment, she would assess my skin and determine what would be the best treatment. Visiting her was an absolute delight as I prepared for my wedding because Marianne is incredibly kind, caring, and personable. With my hectic schedule, I am always impressed with her ability to bring a real sense of calm and create a wonderful space to relax.

My skin looked better than I could have hoped for on my wedding day, and I was thrilled to only need light makeup. Many guests complimented me on how I glowed, which was a first! Marianne loves to work with brides, and it really shows. I highly recommend Marianne and MZ Skincare for any Bride to look and feel beautiful on their big day. Thank you so much Marianne!”

Melissa A.,

Amanda O.

“Words cannot describe how much of a positive impact Marianne has had on my life. I have struggled with acne, rosacea, and poor skin since I was age 11. I was of course thrilled to be getting married, but also quite nervous about how my tempermental skin might behave on our big day. I had tried every product under the sun, and then I came across the wonder that is MZ Skincare. One of the best things I did during the wedding planning was sign up for the bridal package offered here. Marianne found the perfect combination of products for my skin, and made an individualized treatment plan that somehow resolved 99% of my skin problems! I felt beautiful from the inside out not only on my wedding day itself, but also leading up to it, as well as afterwards. Marianne is a wonderful person, giving her utmost attention and dedication to every person she works with – she has a gift that I feel so fortunate to have found. Thank you Marianne!!!!”

Amanda O.,

Stephanie M. Stephanie M.

I have been struggling with melasma on my upper lip, also more recently on my brow bone, for the last four years. To make a long story short, I did not wear enough sunscreen on afternoons while surfing and that was all it took to trigger melasma on my upper lip.

I was so embarrassed because it truly looked like I had a dark moustache on my upper lip… I have spent the last four years agonizing about my appearance and dumping over one thousand dollars to make it go away. I started with the most natural and organic at-home treatments including lemon juice and pastes made from turmeric. When that didn’t work, I took the next step and purchased over-the-counter lightening creams from Clinique, Lumixyl, Dr. Perricone, and all sorts of obscure brands that I discovered through melasma chat groups on-line. When those didn’t work, I tried facials and chemical peels from several different estheticians, until I finally caved in and went to the dermatologist. They recommended creams containing high doses of hydroquinone… LITERALLY NOTHING SEEMED TO WORK.

I eventually began to accept that this would be on my face forever and there was nothing I could do. But, when I was engaged in May 2012, I knew that I wanted to look my absolute best on my wedding day. I wanted to look back at pictures without cringing (honestly – it was hard for me to look in the mirror for a while). That is when I found MZ Skincare on-line and read lots of reviews and decided, on a whim, to book an appointment with Marianne about 7 months before my wedding. It seemed evident that she knew a lot about skincare, and appeared to take a holistic and natural approach; which is what I was looking for.

At my initial appointment, Marianne sat down with me and discussed my skincare goals, current skincare regimen, and any issues I had that I wanted to correct. She was very kind, listened to all of my concerns, and was very honest with me. Unlike other estheticians, who I felt were looking to make money off skin-care packages, who didn’t really understand how to treat my condition (which is never good and could actually worsen the problem); I felt as though Marianne had my best interest at heart. She made no promises, and knew what she was doing. Ultimately, we did a series of peels and one session of microdermabrasion. I was not expecting miracles. After my first session, I couldn’t help but get excited for future appointments because I started to notice very small improvements in the color of the melasma, AND it was starting to actually break up. I saw no change with anything I had tried in the last four years, so I was ecstatic. As a bonus, the rest of my skin looked renewed, my pores were tighter, and I had an overall brightness that I didn’t have before. Friends and family were even noticing that the melasma was improving!

I am more than happy that I chose to trust Marianne with my skin in the months leading up to my wedding. I never felt more beautiful than I did on the day of my wedding, and I have Marianne to thank for that. It is worth the hour and 15 minute drive to Brookline from where I live, and I will continue to see her for treatments.

Stephanie M.,

I lack the adequate vocabulary to depict my actual enthusiasm for MZ Skin Care. I can easily say that I have never received such caring and expert services from any other business. Even if my esthetician were just average, I would still rave. However, Josh is as far from average as it gets; he is extraordinary.

It is with confidence that I say trust me, MZ Skin Care will be your last stop in skin care!

Jen F.,

Luciana R.

Marianne saved me!! For months and months, I shed so many tears about my skin. Throughout my teenage years and twenties, I had flawless skin. Suddenly in my thirties, I acquired moderate to severe adult acne. I tried every product, visited countless dermatologists, doctors, and estheticians. Nothing worked. I was hopeless and incredibly depressed. Just when I was going to throw in the towel, I found Marianne.

Marianne was the answer to my prayers. She was unbelievably kind, helpful, and talented. Within a few visits, I started to see improvement. I no longer needed to wear so much makeup. I was comfortable in my own skin again. I continued to shed tears. However, I was shedding tears of joy. I had gotten my self-confidence back again.

Marianne is truly a miracle worker. Less than a year ago, I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup. I would wear hats, hooded sweatshirts, and big sunglasses to hide my face. I had never been so depressed in my life. Now, I barely wear makeup. I love my skin.

I simply adore Marianne. She is a wonderful person. She truly cares about people. She definitely has a customer and friend for life with me. I recommend her to all my friends and family.

Thank you so much Marianne!!

Luciana R.,

Erin R.

I visited Marianne regularly for the couple of months leading up to my wedding, and I could not have been more pleased. Marianne surveyed my skin and understood immediately what procedures and products were needed at what time. It is safe to say that a wedding is one of the most significant days of someone’s life, and if your skin doesn’t feel its most healthy, clear and vibrant then that affects your confidence in all other areas.

I never, for one second, questioned Marianne’s judgment or the assumption that on the day of my wedding my skin would look and feel radiant, and I was right. Marianne not only helped me feel my best but did so in the most nurturing, understanding way. I look forward going in to get a treatment from Marianne because it is an hour to feel completely pampered and leave your stresses behind, knowing you are in the most experienced and knowledgeable of hands. I recommend Marianne unequivocally!

Erin R.,

Isabelle D.

I never thought I would receive compliments on my skin. But I did! And the most special one I ever got was on my wedding day when my make-up artist said, “It’s so much easier when I do make-up on someone with beautiful, healthy skin like yours!”

I struggled with acne for years. I had so many facials with so many different specialists. Results were scary sometimes. It was Marianne’s gentleness that finally made me see light at the end of the tunnel. She restored my face and my self-esteem. I never left her, and never will!

Marianne and her team are wonderful and different from any other skin care place I’ve been to. I highly recommend MZ for their high standards and gentle, natural care.

Isabelle D.,

When I discovered I was pregnant I was overjoyed and eager to see my body changing. I did not expect my skin to change much, but I was wrong. I quickly developed acne and knew that traditional remedies (salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, vitamin A) were off limits to me. I decided to meet Marianne at MZ skincare and I am so glad I did! The team is extremely knowledgeable about acne and especially about how to best treat women during pregnancy when all the hormones are wrecking havoc on the skin. During my first visit we established a plan of how to treat my skin for the coming months and what products I could use at home to maintain a healthy and glowing skin in-between visits. The team only used natural and pregnancy friendly products and if they didn’t carry some of them in store they did not hesitate to help me find them. I quickly was able to feel better about my skin, using less make up to cover up, and looking forward to each visit at the spa. I had a healthy baby boy in February and I am still visiting MZ skincare on a regular basis. Post-pregnancy skin, with breastfeeding and sleepless nights, is another story. The team continues to pamper my skin, continuously tailoring each treatment to my needs. I have received lots of compliments on how good my complexion looks and I know that I owe it to the talent of the estheticians at MZ skincare!

Laetitia W.,

Jacqueline B.

Photo by Genevieve Russel

I’ve been coming to Marianne since 2008 and I love coming. Her treatments are fantastic!

Jacqueline B.,

Lindsay C.

I cannot thank you enough for all of your help cleaning up my acne before my wedding day. More important than that, though, I thank you for the advice, great conversation and just being a good friend. I think that every girl dreams of feeling like a princess on their wedding day, and without a doubt I achieved that feeling. I have never felt better about the way I look and I can’t thank you enough for all you did to help me achieve that feeling.

Lindsay C.,

Susan E.

I’m writing to thank you because this spring you helped me with my face just in time for my wedding! You did a lot of extractions and gave me some great products that really helped. I ditched all the other ones, like you said, and my old crappy makeup, and ended up with gorgeous skin on my wedding day!

Susan E.,

Marianne is the most gentle, compassionate, thorough, and effective esthetician I have ever met! She has magic hands and is so warm and welcoming … so gentle … but gets great results. Her ultrasonic treatment leaves me glowing, and her mix of organic and high-tech products is fabulous. I am considering cutting out my weekly therapist for weekly facials with Marianne … it might just be a better investment! Absolutely fabulous!

Jessica B.,

I just walked into Marianne’s place off the street looking for a chemical peel, which I realize is not the smartest thing to do, considering how nasty a bad chemical peel can turn out, but I was desperate. So, the first thing Marianne told me was what a bad idea it was to just walk in somewhere off the street and get a chemical peel. I liked her already.

As luck would have it, I stumbled upon a skin care genius! She is very accomplished with all sorts of training and has a background working in fancy salons, but she just opened up her own shop at Coolidge Corner few months ago.

She recommended some great treatments for me, and I got the ultrasonic treatment – which felt wonderful. It’s sort of like microdermabrasion, but with water instead of crystals. She said it was like a “tiny car wash for my face” which totally made me giggle. Her extractions were the most painless I have ever had and she didn’t try to sell me a whole bunch of products after everything was over.

Oh, and did I mention she is super nice? She could probably double as a therapist. Although, I suppose it’s hard to talk during a facial without getting goop in your mouth.

I’ll definitely be going back.

Pepper H.,

My experience with Marianne has been amazing. About 2 years ago my skin started to break out pretty badly and I tried everything – nothing worked. Since I started with Marianne a few months ago, my skin has cleared up and has started to heal. What has been most amazing about the experience is that she truly cares about her clients.

Sydne L.,